• FI-nephew

Had a great weekend with my nephew J. Mac Weil (Weil Cattle Company), his wife Amy and their two sons, Joe Mac and Jake Ray!

  • FI-dany-acevedo

Thanks a lot to Danny Acevedo and Pepe Bustamante for your visit to HK Cattle on a beautiful December 1 morning!

  • FI-Elkin-Anaya

Thanks to Elkin Anaya (Houston & Monteria, Colombia) for coming out to look at the HK weaned heifer calves!

  • FI-hk-jj-Istrin-family

Thanks to the JJ Istrin Family of California for their visit to HK CATTLE

  • FI-hk-californiaVisitors

California visitors to HK Cattle, the Dr. J. J. Istrin family (Julie, J.J., Juniper and Jacob) and their mother/grandmother, Renee Lieber of Houston!

  • FI-John-Jefcoat

Thanks to John Jefcoat, Scott, Louisiana for his surprise visit to HK Cattle!

  • FI-Gordon-Parkey-and-Joe-Kurszewski

Gordon Parkey and Joe Kurszewski visits HK Cattle.

  • FI-Monteria-Colombia

Thanks to the Monteria (Colombia) 5 for their recent visit to HK Cattle; Elbert Anaya, Jose Camilo Leon, Victor Leon, Elkin Anaya, Luis (Lucho) A. Milanes

  • FI-Charles-F-Boagni-IV-Trudy-Longoria-and-Charles-F

Thanks for the nice visit to HK Cattle from Charles F. Boagni IV, Trudy Longoria and Charles F. Boagni III.

  • FI-Jose-Luis-Morales

Thanks to Jose Luis Morales of Guatemala for his visit to HK Cattle

  • FI-Thanks-to-Jorge-Damm-of-Monterrey,-Mexico-for-his-visit-to-HK-Cattle

Thanks to Jorge Damm of Monterrey, Mexico for his visit to HK Cattle!

Thanks to the Chris Dieter Family for their visit to HK Cattle!

  • FI-Brooks-and-Bryson-Dieter

Brooks and Bryson Dieter enjoy getting to know the gentle HK Cattle Red Brahman calves.

  • FI-Maria-de-los-Angeles-Campos-Pacheco

Everyone at HK Cattle enjoyed the visit of Maria de los Angeles Campos Pacheco from Queretaro, Mexico!

  • Juan-Garcia---JK-Peters-Ranch,-Damon,-Texas-for-his-visit-and-HK-Cattle-purchase

A big thanks to Juan Garcia - JK Peters Ranch, Damon, Texas for his visit and HK Cattle purchase! We wish he and his family all the best!

  • Panya-Lerdthaisong-Parichat--Ben-Cunningham-SG-Ranch

HK Cattle welcomes Thailand visitors, Panya Lerdthaisong, Parichat and Ben Cunningham of SG Ranch.

2017 Expica Permanente Reserve Adulta Champion Red Female – GHA MS Herascos 283/14 Sire:HK MAGNETIC 336 Dam's Sire:+HK PASSPORT 777 Owner  – Ganaderia Heracos GHA S.A.

  • reserve-jovenmayor-champion-expicaPermanente

2017 Expica Permanente Reserve Joven Mayor Champion Red Female - GP. Esperanza D Arquitecto TE 954/1 Sired by: 3X- HK Arquitecto 920 Owned by: GP Brahmans

  • Sergio-Maria-de-la-Cruz-Edgar-and-Jaime-Vargas

Thanks to our new friends from Costa Rica for their visit to HK Cattle; Sergio, Maria de la Cruz, Edgar and Jaime Vargas!

  • Adrian-Land-George-Robarts-Dinah

Adrian Land and George Robarts welcomed at HK Cattle by Dinah Weil.

  • calf-whispering

The "calf whispering" Hamner family!

  • Walter-Hamner-Family

The Walter Hamner Family from Hondo picked up their HK Cattle calves. Walter, Adi, Emma, Avery and Katy

Thank you to Dr. Hernando Riaño and his beautiful daughter Laura for their visit to HK Cattle.

Thanks to Sheila and Corey Ross for their visit to HK Cattle!

Thanks to the Buford Family for their recent visit to HK Cattle, Charlie, Michaela and Tina!

Trudy Longoria and Gayle Hanks spent a great Saturday afternoon at HK Cattle.

Thanks to Glenn Cox for his visit to HK Cattle!

Thanks to Texas Red Brahman Breeders Fausto and Juan Garcia for their visit to HK CATTLE!

Thanks to our good friend, Amanda Kaylor, for your visit and purchase of bull HK 220!

Thanks to our friends from Mexico for your recent visit to HK Cattle: Pepe, Isa and Santiago Bustamante, Roger and Merly Lugo, Ceci and Alfredo Arellano!

Eddie Blalock and George Robarts (L2 Ranch) visit on a "warm" morning at HK Cattle. Thanks for coming by!

HK Cattle welcomed Curtis Taylor, Dr. Leonardo Orejarena and Joe Taylor from Louisiana.

Thanks to Pascual Bellizzia (Jr. and Sr.) and Antonio Jimenez from Mexico for their recent visit to HK Cattle.

Travis Rossow (Danbury, Texas) and Jay Darnell (Okolona, Mississippi) meet up at HK Cattle!

Dinah Weil welcomes long time friend, Jay Darnell (Five Oaks Ranch) Okolona, Mississippi for a visit to HK Cattle.

2017 All American Bred & Owned Show Reserve Senior Champion Red Female - CCC MS Sangria 144/5 Sired by: HK PARAGON 555/9 Owned by: Shannon Carriere

Thanks to the Vela Family for their visit to HK Cattle; Preston, Lauren, Laurie and Aaron!

Great visit at HK Cattle with our friend and client Marcos Borjas, Ganaderia La Trinidad, Honduras!

2017 Exposicion Nacional de Cebu, Azuero, Panama; Joven Menor Champion Red Female – HK MIS SANTA MARTA 342 Sire:+MR. 3H X-RAY 825 Owner and Exhibitor – HK Panama, S.A.


2017 Exposicion Nacional de Cebu, Azuero, Panama; Reserve Añoja Champion Red Female – HK MIS SANTA MARTA 343 Sire:HK MAGNETIC 336 Dam's Sire:+HK PASSPORT 777 Owner and Exhibitor – HK Panama, S.A.


2017 Exposicion Nacional de Cebu, Azuero, Panama; Becerra Champion Red Female – HK MISS SANTA MARTA 362 Sire:HK MAGNETIC 336 Dam's Sire:+HK PASSPORT 777 Owner and Exhibitor – HK Panama, S.A.


Thanks to Tebet Gomez, Art and Michelle Broksas (Fredricksburg), Tessie and Martin Gomez (Philippines) for their recent visit!

Early morning visitors to HK Cattle were Tammy and Keith Matirne (Louisiana) and Martin Gomez (Philippines)

HK Cattle welcomed Ricardo Arosemena and Giancarlo D'Agord from Panama!

HK Cattle was happy to have visitors, Terry Hancock, Kellen Pfeoffer, Connie and Charlie Gary and Hayden Hancock!

Emma and Walter Hamner make friends with a special HK embryo calf!

Thanks for your visit to HK Cattle, Katy, Walter and Emma Hamner of Hondo, Texas!

A special thanks to Emma Hamner for her visit to HK CATTLE!

  • Thanks-for-your-great-visit-to-HK-Cattle,-Carlos-Guerra,-Mike-England,-Claudia-Secerquia-and-Louie-Flores

Thanks for your great visit to HK Cattle, Carlos Guerra, Mike England, Claudia Secerquia and Louie Flores!

  • 's-Red-Brahman-Ranch)-pose-by-the-photo-of-+Mr.-3H-X-Ray-825-when-they-visited-HK-CATTLE

Anna Theiss and Dillon Arnold (Bryant's Red Brahman Ranch) pose by the photo of +Mr. 3H X-Ray 825 when they visited HK CATTLE!

2017 Feria de Tabasco Reserve Joven Champion – HPP.- MR TABASCO HUASTECO TE4 22/5 Dam's Sire:+HK PASSPORT 777 Owned by Hermanos Pelaez Pérez

2017 Feria de Tabasco Joven Champion – HPE.- MR TABASCO EL TAPATIO 229/40 IA 538/5 Dam's Sire:+MR . 3H X-RAY 825 Owned by Hermanos Pelaez Escamilla

2017 Feria de Tabasco Reserve Becerro Champion – JBR.- MR JBR 117/16 FIV  Sire : +MR 3H X-RAY 825 Owned by C Reproducción Sta Elena SPRRL

2017 Feria de Tabasco Becerro Champion– K30.- LUISITANO 98/6 IA Dam's Sire : +MR 3H X-RAY 825 Owned by Rojo K-30 SPR DE RL DE CV

2017 Feria de Tabasco Grand & Adulta Champion – ALP.- MISS ESPERANZA TE 58 Sire: +MR 3H X-RAY 825 Owned by Mvz Alejandro López Pérez.

2017 Feria de Tabasco Joven Champion – ALP.- MISS ESPERANZA TE 83/5 Sire: +MR 3H X-RAY 825 Owned by Mvz Alejandro López Pérez.

2017 Feria de Tabasco Reserve Becerra Champion – HPP.- MISS TABASCO MAGNETIC TE 596/6 Sire: HK MAGNETIC 336 Owned by Hermanos Pelaez Perez.

2017 Feria de Tabasco Becerra Champion – JBR.- MISS JBR 113/16 FIV Sire: +MR 3H X-RAY 825 Owned by C Reproducciones Sta. Elena SPRRL.

  • Mac,-Jake-Ray,-Joe-Mac-and-Amy-Weil-haltering-an-HK-Cattle-heifer

Mac, Jake Ray, Joe Mac and Amy Weil haltering an HK Cattle heifer!

  • Jake-Ray-Weil-wear-his-HK-CATTLE-cap-to-Galveston

Jake Ray Weil wear his HK CATTLE cap to Galveston!

  • Joe-Mac-Weil-enjoying-the-gentle-calves-at-HK-Cattle

Joe Mac Weil enjoying the gentle calves at HK Cattle

  • Jake-Ray-Weil-pets-some-embryo-calves-at-HK-Cattle

Jake Ray Weil pets some embryo calves at HK Cattle!

  • A-Weil-welcome-to-HK-Cattle-for-Mmeli-Nyathi-who-has-Brahman-cattle-in-Zimbabwe-and-lives-in-Canada

A Weil welcome to HK Cattle for Mmeli Nyathi who has Brahman cattle in Zimbabwe and lives in Canada. (Jon, Dinah, Joe Mac, Jake Ray, Mmeli and MacWeil)

  • Thanks-to-Braxton-Cessac,-Brett-Broussard-and-Dr.-Jimmy-Jones-for-your-visit-to-HK

Thanks to Braxton Cessac, Brett Broussard and Dr. Jimmy Jones for your visit to HK!

  • Thanks-to-Dr.-Hernando-Riano-for-his-recent-visit-to-HK-Cattle

Thanks to Dr. Hernando Riano for his recent visit to HK Cattle!

  • Miguel-Dieguez,-Dr.-Hernando-Barrero,-Edgar-Dieguez-visited-HK-Cattle-from-Guatemala

Miguel Dieguez, Dr. Hernando Barrero, Edgar Dieguez visited HK Cattle from Guatemala.

  • Thanks-to-Peg-Hickey,-George-Robarts-and-Lana-Jo-Stanley-for-your-visit-to-HK-Cattle!

Thanks to Peg Hickey, George Robarts and Lana Jo Stanley for your visit to HK Cattle!

  • Thanks-to-George-Robarts-from-L2-Ranch,-for-his-recent-visit-to-HK-Cattle!

Thanks to George Robarts from L2 Ranch, for his recent visit to HK Cattle!

Thanks for the recent visit to HK Cattle by Kayleigh Hanchey, Gabby Scott, Megan Treviño, Andie Scott, Phyllis, Kolby and Payton Hanchey!

2017 ABBA International Show Reserve Junior Champion Red Female – MORENO MS. LADY REDI 902 Sire: +JDH MR ELMO MANSO 309/4 Dam: HK JUDY’S 418 Owned by Moreno Ranches, Inc.

2017 ABBA International Show Grand & Senior Champion Red Bull - LB SIR MYLES MANSO 32/5 ET (B 931128) Sire: +JDH MR ELMO MANSO (B 850913) Dam: +HK MS PASSPORT 557 (C 837326) Owned by LOCKE BROTHERS & BOB RICH

Ann Green and her daughter Joanne Green Taylor visit HK Cattle!

Joann Green Taylor gets to know some HK embryo calves!

Amy Harch meets HK Judy Two!

HK welcomes Amy Harch from Australia. She had a great rapport with the cattle!

Jesse Dotson and Dinah discussing Red Brahmans at HK Cattle!

Saul Centeno Sr. and Saul Centeno Jr. recently  spent a few days at HK Cattle!  Here they are pictured at LaCasona Restaurant in Angletong, Texas.

Congratulations to Cameron Collete on his winning HK 387 heifer!

Congratulations to Justin Rossow on his big Houston 2017 win with HK 356!

Congratulations to Justin Rossow ad his parents (Janet and Travis) and Cameron Collete and his mother, Anita, on their big Houston wins with HK Cattle females!

Thanks to our good friends from Monteria, Colombia for your recent visit to HK CATTLE; a special thanks to Julio Vasquez for the great Café de Cordoba!

Red Brahman breeder Jesse Dotson checks out the HK heifers!

Barbie, Jesse and Duke Dotson visit HK Cattle while in the area for Junior Red Brahman Show in Houston.

Saul Centeno of Panama visits HK Cattle!

Thanks to Romulo, Juan and Jaime of Colombia for your recent visit to HK CATTLE.

Thank you to Eduardo, Maria Elena and Erasmo Medina for your visit to HK Cattle.

Thanks to Federico Cenoz, the Trevino family and Jose de Jesus Rosales Vazquez of Campeche Mexico (and Wisconsin) for your visit to HK Cattle.

Great thanks to our friends from Nicaragua (Luz y Sombra) for their visit to HK Cattle!

Thanks to Juan Carlos Barreto and Kevin Bryant for their great visit and help with the HK visitors during the Houston Livestock Show.

Mervin Leiva and Freddy Salazar enjoy enjoying the gentle calves at HK Cattle.

Thanks to our good friends Mervin Leiva and Freddy Salazar from Venezuela for your recent visit to HK CATTLE.

Thanks to our wonderful friends from Thailand for your visit to HK Cattle.

Sanya and Jake return to HK!

Thanks to Jill Stahl Tyler and her great group of cattlemen and women from Colombia for their visit to HK!

Sanya Suphappornchai, Dinah Weil and Jake Cluver

Dinah Weil welcomes Colombian Brahman breeders to HK Cattle.

Dr. Kevin Bryant and Juan Carlos Barretos visit HK Cattle for the Houston Livestock Show weekend!

HK CATTLE welcomed Colombian Brahman breeders, Edison, Martha and Carlos!

HK Cattle welcomes Mauricio Moreno, President of ASOCEBU (COLOMBIA) with a delegation of Red Brahman breeders from Colombia.

Mexico visitors, Jorge and Ana Diaz and Mariana and Luis Salinas, visit HK!

Mariana and Luis Salinas (EL DORADO), Tabasco, Mexico having an early anniversary celebration at HK!

Pepe Bustamante family of Mexico visit HK!

Jose Santiago Bustamante, future Red Brahman breeder of Mexico visits HK!

Thanks to Edwin, Jenny and Blanco for helping entertain HK visitors.

Another great visit from the Zamorano students and faculty - Honduras

Thanks to Tanna Henshaw for helping to welcome and entertain South Africa Red Brahman Breeders visiting HK Cattle.

Visitors at HK Cattle from Republic of South Africa, Frans, Gert, Llewelyn, Dinah and Llewelyn.

HK Cattle receives friends from Thailand, Mr. Chainarog Chaisuk, Mr. Thammanoon Suwanntee, Mr. Sanya Suphappornchai, Mr. Pairoh Sonklin, Mr. Vichien Thumwong.

Diego Romero of Venezuela gets to know some of the HK gentle embryo calves.

T Clark Miller, Nashville, Tennessee visits HK Cattle and bonds with 507!

Visitors from Venezuela Andres Peña, Diego Romero, Gerardo Peña, Adolfo Romero.

HK Cattle welcomes Brahman Breeders from Australia! Thanks for your nice visit!!!

BFF Dr. Mae Gaspard helps ready HK Cattle for stock show visitors. THANK YOU Mae Mae!!!

Glen Pfeffer leading Australia tour group gets up close and personal with HK Cattle embryo calves.

Anne-Marie and Alfredo Charur Miami/Nicaragua/France

Visitors from Colombia Leopoldo and Luz Anaya, Rosita Orpara and Bernardo Caballero

Tom Emmery from Australia recently visited HK Cattle.

Joe Mac and Jake Ray Weil get to know an HK X-Ray heifer calf!

Joe Mac, Jake Ray, Amy Weil and Linda Herd visit Dinah Weil with HK Cattle.

Agustin Valdes Family visits from Mexico.

John and Spencer Holley, Tyler Hughes and West Tyler visit HK from Alabama.

Hayden Hancock (Brenham, Texas) bonds with the HK heifers!

David Dominguez (Mexico), Shelby Fitzgerald, Cameron Collette, Dinah Weil and Justin Rossow.

Brett Nobbs (Australia), Beth & Remy Streeter (Australia) and Steve Murrin, Ft. Worth, Texas visit with Dinah Weil of HK Cattle.

Cesar Medina Jr and Cesar Medina Sr - Texas

Terry Hancock Family

Brett Nobbs (NCC – Australia) visits with Dinah Weil of HK Cattle!

SUL ROSS ALUMS – Sammantha Kauk and Jaime Nieto.

J. Budler leads his “2017 Brahman Champion of the World Week” international group for a visit to HK Cattle!

Remy and Beth Streeter (Australia) visit HK Cattle.

Orlando Penner of Paraguay visits HK Cattle with Dinah Weil

Pam Olive Davison (Australia) visits with Dinah Weil – HK Cattle.

Dinah Weil with Dr. Mark Cassidy, Dr. Hosea Doucette & Tetia Dennia

Don Nubor and Tomas Journeay

Dinah Weil visits with Harold Garcia and Juan Restrepo

Dinah Weil with Torch Farm Group Thailand

Francisco Carducci (Venezuela) with Dinah Weil

Dennis Ainsworth and Steve Jones - Mississippi

Dinah Weil with Harold Garcia - Colombia and Louisiana

Hunter and Harold Watford - South Carolina

The Juan J. Perera Family of Venezuela visit Dinah Weil and HK cattle.

Pablos Ramos - Panama

The Cesar Castro Family Venezuela/Texas

Joe Mac & Jake Ray Weil and Martin Campos Jr.

Sandra & Charles Rotello – Navasota, Texas

The Juan J. Perera Family of Venezuela visit Dinah Weil and HK cattle.

The Juan J. Perera Family of Venezuela visit Dinah Weil and HK cattle.

Alejandro, Karina and Helen Merikanskas and Antonio Fernandez – Mexico

Roger and Roslyn Nobbs of Australia visit HK Cattle

Dr. Hernando Riano, Oscar Camacho, Alexander Guevara and Yesid Ramirez of Colombia visit HK Cattle.

Dinah Weil and Alexander Guevara of Colombia.

Amy, Jake, Mac, Jon and Joe Mac Weil visit HK Cattle from Irene, Texas and Livonia, Louisiana.

Nicaragua Group Visit with Dinah Weil at HK Cattle

USDA Cochran Program Nicaragua group visit (led by Dr. Martin Seiber) with Juan Jerez visiting HK CATTLE

Dinah Weil and Ricky Hammonds (Oklahoma) at ST Genetics Sale, Navasota, Texas. Ricky purchased three top HK DONOR COWS!

Jennings, Turner and Roger Sanders – Texas

Prasert Children – Thailand